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More than 180,000 patients are severely injured in the U.S. each year due to medical mistakes. Thousands more are killed at the hands of negligent health providers. Women make up the largest portion of medical malpractice victims. A 2006 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 60 percent of medical malpractice plaintiffs were female. At Aaron M. Levine & Associates, we understand the devastation that can result from women’s health medical malpractice. Serious medical errors frequently keep women from working, taking care of their families and enjoying the activities they once loved. Our attorneys know the law. We hold health providers accountable for harming you or a family member.

What is women’s health medical malpractice?

Women’s health care generally refers to medical treatment provided specifically to female patients such as gynecological, breast and obstetrical care. Women’s health medical malpractice results from negligent medical treatment by health care professionals who provide such services to women. Common types of medical malpractice associated with women’s health are:

  • Breast cancer misdiagnosis – This occurs when health professional fail to diagnose breast cancer, leading to improper health treatment or delayed treatment of breast cancer. In many cases, diagnostic tests show breast cancer is present, but doctors fail to read reports correctly or act in time.
  • Birth injuries – Mistakes during and after the delivery of newborns is a leading cause of infant birth injuries. Negligent care by physicians and medical staff during deliveries often result in permanent health problems for infants.
  • Failure to diagnose reproductive cancers – This refers to failure by health providers to timely detect or diagnose reproductive cancers in women, such as vaginal, cervical and ovarian cancers.
  • Maternal injuries – Mothers can be severely injured if they are not properly cared for during and after delivery of their children. Negligent treatment can result in reproductive injuries, permanent organ damage and death.   
  • Defective drug injuries – Defectives drugs have been known to cause serious injuries in patients.
  • Defective medical device injuries – Defective medical devices including Transvaginal mesh, Essure, and the Mirena IUD have been linked to various health problems in women.

In addition to physical pain, women’s health medical malpractice can cause significant emotional distress and anguish to patients and their families. Commonly, patients are overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn after suffering a medical mishap.  Aaron M. Levine & Associates are here to help. Our skilled lawyers have decades of experience handling women’s health medical malpractice cases. We have secured millions of dollars for clients hurt by negligent health providers. Turn to us for superior legal representation after your medical error.

Determining negligence after women’s health medical errors

Proving that negligence occurred after a women’s health medical error takes qualified legal experts who are well-versed in medical malpractice law. To determine whether negligence happened, lawyers will obtain medical documents, review records, interview medical providers and investigate what led to your injury. Often, medical experts are called upon to review cases and provide opinions as to whether a standard of care was violated.

State laws address what patients must show to prove medical malpractice in their jurisdiction. However, there are four basic legal elements of proving women’s health medical malpractice. They are: that the health provider owed a professional duty to the patient, that the health provider breached that professional duty, that an injury was caused by that breach and that the injury resulted in physical or emotional damages to the patient.

Women’s health medical malpractice cases can be complex. With various rules, laws and standards impacting your claim, it’s essential to have an experienced legal partner on your side. The lawyers at Aaron M. Levine & Associates regularly take on and successfully resolve medical malpractice cases. Along with our accomplished attorneys, we have a staff of skilled medical specialists who help analyze cases. Our team meticulously investigates your claim and aggressively fights for you in the courtroom.

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