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Transvaginal Mesh Law Firm in Washington, DC

Transvaginal Mesh Law Firm in Washington, DC

If you have developed complications due to a surgery that involved the use of transvaginal mesh, then please contact Aaron M. Levine & Associates, a transvaginal mesh law firm in Washington, DC you can trust with complex and sensitive cases. Any surgery that is supposed to treat pelvic prolapse or urinary incontinence, is a serious and invasive procedure that may result in problems that require additional medical care.

Warning signs that you may be dealing with a transvaginal mesh complication include severe pain in your lower abdomen area, not being able to urinate easily, discomfort during sex, and more. While some mild symptoms may be normal and go away on their own within a month or so, they shouldn’t be so intense that it causes disruption to your daily life. It is always best to get checked out by your doctor if you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms post-surgery.

The attorneys from our transvaginal mesh law firm in Washington, DC understand that talking about what is going on within your body can be a difficult topic. We are aware of the sensitive nature of this kind of lawsuit, and you can trust that we can be both dedicated and compassionate during this time.

Signs of Vaginal Mesh Erosion

When consulting with our transvaginal mesh law firm in Washington, DC, we will initially try to identify when the problems started and whether vaginal mesh erosion could have been a major contributing factor in your complications. If you had issues with urinating within the first 30 days of the vaginal mesh implant, then it is more likely that issues were a result of malpractice and not mesh erosion.

However, if symptoms started to develop more than a month after the procedure, then the mesh may have eroded into the tissue wall of the vagina. Here are signs that vaginal mesh erosion could be what is going on: 

  • You have pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • There is vaginal scarring or sloughing of vaginal tissue
  • You keep dealing with recurrance of vaginal or uterine prolapse
  • You are struggling with urinary problems, such as incontinence
  • Infections that cannot be explained in the pelvic area

Why You Need To Hire an Attorney
Erosion of the vaginal wall can be challenging to diagnose. Some of our clients have been informed by their doctor that they have vaginal erosion, some say they can feel the mesh with their hands, and others have reported that their partner has expressed feeling it painfully during sex. Other clients have received a clean bill of health by their doctor despite continuing to have symptoms.

You must hire an attorney from a transvaginal mesh law firm in Washington, DC for help regarding your case, as the at-fault parties which caused your situation may do everything possible to elude responsibility (such as your doctor or the mesh manufacturer). But by having us on your side, we can protect you and fight for an amount of financial compensation you deserve. Please call Aaron M. Levine & Associates today to learn more about how the attorneys from our transvaginal mesh law firm in Washington, DC can help you. 

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