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If you have suffered because of problems caused by a vaginal mesh implant, a vaginal mesh lawyer Washington, DC vaginal mesh victims recommend, may be able to help you to seek compensation for expenses that are the result of your injury as well as for things such as your pain and suffering.


  1. Vaginal mesh is a foreign body in humans. This creates an irritant to adjacent tissues and results in pain. 
  2. Polypropylene slings for urinary incontinence are too dangerous for human implantation. They can cause chronic pelvic pain syndrome and chronic dyspareunia, sexual impairment, nerve injury, infection, vaginal, urethral, and bladder erosion, urethral obstruction, urethral restrictions, fistula, bladder stones, and death. Therefore, the risks polypropyl outweigh the benefits. 
  3. Pubo-vaginal slings with autologist or natural tissue fascia (birch procedure) are easier to treat and safer. 
  4. Mesh manufacturers did not warn physicians or patients of the complications and the difficulties in treatment or removal when complications occur. As well, they did not warn patients that problems can occur years after placement. If you have a vaginal mesh implant, even if you are not currently having problems because of it, talking to a good Washington, DC vaginal mesh injury lawyer may be in your best interest.
  5. In the event the mesh sling needs to be removed, this is a technically difficult procedure that requires considerable surgical expertise and skills that most surgeons do not have. 
  6. Pre-marketing clinical testing, which the manufacturers of vaginal mesh implants failed to accomplish would have shown the many different problems that innocent women have suffered from. Manufacturers should have had a high index of suspicion. This is one of the many reasons that vaginal mesh patients should talk to a good Washington, DC lawyer. Doing this may get you and other vaginal mesh patients the compensation you are entitled to, as well as to hold the companies accountable for their wrongdoings.
  7. Retraction and shrinkage of polypropylene is difficult to determine. The amount of tension the surgeon should know or apply is unattainable. 
  8. Shrinkage of vaginal mesh implants is unpredictable and asymmetrical with individual responses differing and with different rates of bacterial contamination. Anatomical location becomes a mystery for many surgeons. 
  9. Mesh manufacturers did not warn physicians of shrinkage and complications. 
  10. Mesh degrades in the human body which perpetuates inflammatory response and creates a nidus for bacteria and toxic chemicals. 
  11. Mesh creates a scar plate that entraps nerves, smooth muscle, striated muscle 

If you have suffered from any of these problems with vaginal mesh implants or one(s) not mentioned here, the sooner you call a good Washington, DC lawyer, the sooner they may be able to start protecting your rights.

  1. Mesh is subject to curling, cording, roping, deformation with loss of pore size, tension, and fraying. 
  2. Polypropylene mesh was never meant to be implanted inside a human body per the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet research. 
  3. Sling complications are fraught with complexity. Vascular, bowel, and urethral injuries are to be expected during surgery. 
  4. Mesh complications are significantly under-reported. 
  5. Manufacturers did not adequately warn doctors and patients about the difficulty of removing transvaginal mesh. 
  6. Pubo-vaginal slings using autologous fascia are as effective as synthetic slings without the complications and, therefore, safer. 
  7. Proper clinical trials were never performed on vaginal mesh slings and other implants. 
  8. Prior disastrous experience with marceline, marlex, and gortex slings should have been heeded.

If you have suffered physically and emotionally because of a vaginal mesh implant, you should not have to suffer financially as well. A good Washington, DC vaginal mesh lawyer may be able to protect your financial health so that you can focus your energy on healing and trying to get your life back to the place it was before you were injured.  

  1. Mesh manufacturers downplayed the complications of their dangerous products. They gave incorrect information to surgeons by way of false promotional materials that portrayed the mesh as largely effective with few complications and that it was easy to learn how to implant slings and other devices. 
  2. Company representatives downplayed the complications reported at seminars and meetings that were held to educate surgeons. 
  3. Because of retraction and shrinkage, it is difficult for the surgeon to determine the proper amount of tension to apply as polypropylene mesh unpredictably and asymmetrically shrinks and reacts to bacterial contamination and anatomical location over time. 
  4. As the mesh hardens, degrades and deforms, it causes nerve and muscle entrapment. Additionally, the mesh curls, cords, ropes, rolls, deforms, and loses pore size with tension particle loss and frays. All of these plus many other reasons are why so many innocent women need the help of a good Washington, DC vaginal mesh lawyer. 
  5. There is no such thing as normal anatomy. The manufacturers disregarded this and treated all women, no matter their physical traits, as though they were assembly-line products. Change of position of the operating table causes bony landmarks, nerves and blood vessels to shift from individual to individual. 
  6. The size of the obturator foramen and bony pelvis varies from patient to patient. 
  7. Manufacturers underplayed the difficulty of techniques of the trocar and insertion procedure, which often punctured the bladder during the mesh implantation surgery. 
  8. The manufacturers were aware that polypropylene was never meant to be used inside the body because it is toxic. 

If you are the victim of a vaginal mesh manufacturer’s failure to warn you and your physician about their products potential for causing harm, a Washington, DC injury lawyer may be able to help you to hold the manufacturer accountable for its wrongdoings.

  1. Manufacturers failed to perform pre-insertion clinical testing. 
  2. Manufacturers purchased favorable literature and industry-sponsored research with lack of long term follow-up, and they prevented companies from reporting device complications. 
  3. Patient brochures were inadequate and failed to communicate the risks of their devices and implants. 
  4. The manufacturers disregarded the various weights of recipients and the effects of excess fat and other tissue on the placement, incision, and the overall effects of being overweight. 
  5. The manufacturers failed to test the ergonomics of the mesh. 
  6. The 510-K process, which the manufacturers chose in their pursuit of FDA approval, was grossly inaccurate. 

If you are one of the many unfortunate women who have suffered because of vaginal mesh problems, a good Washington, DC injury lawyer may be able to help you.

  1. The manufacturers disregarded all aspects of biocompatibility — how the tissue and the body will interact with each other and how the mesh will be affected by bodily fluids, motion, and pressure. 
  2. The manufacturers’ literature minimized the amount of pain the patient would feel in addition to the recurrence of incontinence. 
  3. The manufacturers downplayed warnings, precautions, and potential complications. They also ignored ample evidence in the literature that it was common for the trocars, which were used to implant the mesh, to puncture the bladder and urethra during passage.

If you have a vaginal mesh implant, it may be time to make sure that your rights and your financial well-being are taken care of by enlisting the help of a good vaginal mesh lawyer.

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