TVM Law Firm in Washington, DC

TVM Law Firm in DC

If you are the victim of transvaginal mesh injury, a compassionate but tough TVM law firm in Washington, DC may be able to provide you with the help you need.

Who we are & Our Experience

We are a small family law firm that includes: 

Aaron Levine, who has 50 years of drug and medical device litigation experience

Brandon Levine, who has 20 years of pharmaceutical and medical device litigation experience

Jennifer Levine, who has 10 years of litigation experience.

Elizabeth D’Antuono, who has worked in law firms dedicated to plaintiffs’ rights since graduating law school in 2009

These lawyers are part of a dedicated legal team including Megan Moore who is our recreation coordinator and general legal assistant. 

The sooner you contact a TVM law firm in Washington, DC that has a team of in-house lawyers and a physician, the sooner they may be able to start protecting your rights.

In addition to our in-house legal team, Aaron Levine and Associates has an in-house internal medicine, board certified physician for daily contact:

Dr. Andrew Levine 

Dr. Levine’s job is to review and evaluate medical records, hospital records, surgical records, physicians records, and all other medical aspects of your case. 

The lawyers at the law firm of Aaron Levine and Associates have experience in Washington, DC with suing drug companies and medical device companies such as those that make TVM and other implants. We have been fighting for compensation for the injuries they caused as a result of their defective drugs and devices for over 50 years. 

In the 1970’s we took on Sterling Drug Company, the makers of a drug called Arlyn (Chloroquine). This drug was touted as an anti-arthritic pain reliever. In fact, Aralyn attacked the retina of the users and caused blindness. Aaron Levine led the fight to obtain compensation for people who lost their eyesight and was successful in starting the first Aaralyn lawyers attack group. Shortly thereafter, Sterling Drug Company pulled the drug off the market and then went out of business because of their careless and sloppy drug testing and over promotion of Arlyn.

If you have suffered because of a TVM injury, a good Washington, DC law firm may be able to help you the way they helped victims of Arlyn and other drugs and medical devices.

In the more recent decades, our Washington, DC law firm has successfully defended many women who have been injured because of dangerous drugs and medical devices such as TVM and medical implants.

In the 1980’s, we took on the manufacturers of DES (diethylstilbestrol). This drug which was promoted as improving fertility but was, in fact, was a severe teratogen (something that causes birth defects). Although there were early reports that the drug was ineffective most of the major American drug companies jumped on the bandwagon. Including Lily Squibb Up John Merk and a host of others. Aaron Levine led the DES litigation group of the American Trial Lawyers, and coordinated hundreds of cases around the country assisting local lawyers in obtaining compensation for their clients. DES is no longer recommended for treatment of anything. 

In the 1990s our firm took on Dow Chemical who manufactured silicone breast implants. Aaron Levine served on the steering committee providing help to a nationwide organization of lawyers representing women who had suffered injuries to their breasts (irritation, infections and cancer) as a result of silicone breast implants which were over promoted by Dow Chemical. Lawyer of the Year, D.C. Bar Association.

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While we handle many cases, we work with each client one-on-one and promise direct contact with an attorney throughout your case. We promise you a thorough investigation of your case, a candid evaluation and aggressive representation if it is in your best interest to pursue a lawsuit.