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Medical devices used in  health care are supposed to improve illnesses and correct health conditions. But in some cases, poorly-designed devices and products instead seriously hurt patients. Attorney Aaron M. Levine is internationally acclaimed for his work representing victims of defective devices and products. The law firm of Aaron M. Levine & Associates has secured countless legal victories for clients harmed by devices used in medical treatment. Mr. Levine and his team vigorously pursue reckless device makers and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Defective medical devices that frequently harm women

In 2007, more than 150,000 adverse events were linked to medical devices. Adverse events are defined as poor outcomes associated with medical products such as injuries, hospitalizations, disabilities and death. Harm from medical device use nearly doubled between 2003 and 2007, according to a report by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

Women are especially vulnerable to defective medical devices and poorly manufactured health products. Medical devices that have resulted in significant harm for women and their children include:

  • Transvaginal mesh – This is a synthetic mesh inserted through the vagina to treat such conditions as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Transvaginal mesh has been linked to extensive medical complications in women including pain, vaginal scarring, bleeding, vaginal shrinkage and perforations of the bladder and bowel, among other injuries.
  • Breast implants – Poorly made breast implants pose the risk of rupture, deflation, infection, pain and related diseases.
  • Hip implants – Defective and malfunctioning hip implants can cause severe health conditions such as nerve damage, swelling and blood clots.
  • Fetal monitors – Malfunctioning fetal monitors and/or failure by medical staff to correctly read monitors can lead to serious birth injuries including brain damage, cerebral palsy and death. 
  • Contraceptive devices – Defective contraceptive and intrauterine devices can cause serious damage to women’s bodies and their future health. For example, the IUDs Essure and Mirena have been linked to significant injury.

Negligently designed or manufactured medical devices result in needless physical and emotional pain for women and their families. If you have been injured by a defective medical device, you need lawyers who understand the complexity of your case. The attorneys at Aaron M. Levine & Associates are leaders in defective device litigation. We represent victims of defective medical products across the country and hold negligent manufacturers accountable for their harmful devices.

What are the long-term effects of defective medical devices?

Injuries caused by defective medical devices can have lasting impacts on women and their loved ones. Surgery to repair damage left by devices is often just the beginning of a long road to recovery.

Long-term impacts of defective devices can include permanent disfigurement, disability, ongoing pain, infertility and the inability to have sexual intercourse. In children, defective devices can result in irreversible brain damage, delayed mobility and a lifetime of medical care. The scope of emotional and mental trauma that defective devices cause victims is immeasurable.

Being seriously injured by a faulty medical device can trigger feelings of depression and hopelessness as you struggle to accept what has happened. The defective device attorneys at Aaron M. Levine & Associates understand the painful aftermath of defective medical product injuries. We provide our clients with compassionate legal partners and work hard to represent their best interests in court.

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No one expects that a device promoted to improve their medical condition will instead injure them. If you have been harmed by a faulty medical product, you need experienced lawyers who know both the science and the law behind such devices. The law firm of Aaron M. Levine & Associates has a long history of successfully resolving defective medical device claims. Turn to us for skilled legal assistance and aggressive advocacy in the courtroom. We represent clients throughout the United States. Contact us toll free for a free consultation at 888-564-9305.

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